The easiest way to summarize your day

Gwapit groups and prioritizes your pending notifications, missed phones calls & new emails

Stop feeling overwhelmed by information

Centralize your flow

Get all your phones messages, emails and apps notifications in Gwapit. Stop switching between apps and overloading your emails or channels on Slack.

We will prioritize it for you

Gwapit uses artificial intelligence to automatically sort out your flow by importance.

A pull request is more important than a comment on Facebook and Gwapit knows it. Stop using the chronological order of your email or Slack channels as a reference.

Act on the right information at the right time

Ease your flow overview

Gwapit will group similar actions in pools. Have an quick overview of all your pull requests from Github, mentions from Slack or issues from Jira.

No more time wasted switching between distinct actions.

Act on it

Manage your incoming flow as a to-do list. Act on it, snooze it or just mark it done to move it out of your to-do list.

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