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With the multiplication of tools and services we use in a professional context, it’s getting harder to stay efficient. Some notifications are critical and necessary, but most don’t need you to pause what you’re currently doing to deal with them.
With Gwapit, you can focus on your work without missing essential alerts.

all your notifications centralized

Stay focused: Process everything from one app

Centralize your notifications: Gwapit aggregates all the notifications from the services you use into one single stream: no more switching between tabs to find the right info. Avoid the mix of desktop and chrome notifications coming from diverse sources: you'll finally be able to control which alert you get, conveniently.

Notification Cleanup: What’s the point of notifying you about something if you’ve already dealt with it? Notifications you've already handled are hidden by default: the stream is already dense enough! We only centralize pending notifications.

one single notification stream

Place the priorities at the top of your feed

Action and Reading flows: With Gwapit, your notification feed is structured into two main categories. The action flow regroups the most important notifications: the ones that require a decision to be made. The reading flow aggregates all the status updates into one place.

Smart Grouping: Within each flow, notifications are sorted into service agnostic groups for clarity and to ease your processing: Direct Messages, Merge Requests, Mentions...

one single notification stream
gwapit - notification alerting

Get notified only when it's really important

Human Intelligence: Nothing beats human intelligence. Gwapit lets you easily create groups according to your own sorting criteria. You can share them with your friends, your organizations or even the whole world if you really want to!

Granular notification control: Set-up alerts on priority groups only and mute them when needed. Handle alerts at a group-level. Get a more granular control over what type of notification you want to receive, and when you want to get them.

act straight from gwapit

Act in a flash

Your action center: You can act straight from Gwapit. You won’t be needing to switch back to the native app to process your notifications. Act from the native app or within Gwapit.

Group actions: With Gwapit, you can delete or archive all your document or ticket updates effortlessly. No need to repeat the same action over and over again!

act straight from gwapit

All your professional apps in one place

Gwapit connects to your apps to ease the processing of your notifications


Data & Privacy

Here at Gwapit, we take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. We'll never use it for commercial purposes and only our system has access to your meta-data. By default, the data is kept for the processing only and deleted as soon as it's dealt with. Regarding security, we apply the same norms as Google or Amazon (TLS and HTTPS encryptions).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Gwapit will stay free as long as it’s in beta. Users that stick with us from the beta and onwards (you maybe?) will benefit from reductions and potentially free months of usage if they share their feedbacks spread the word about Gwapit. The firsts to get onboard get the best seats!

If you’re an SME or a company and want to use it within your organization, shoot us a message and we’ll arrange a meeting to assess your needs. We can integrate your legacy & business apps if needed.

Nope, Gwapit runs straight from your browser. Therefore, you can use Gwapit on any computer: Windows, Mac and Linux alike. Gwapit is easy on your computer’s resources. Since the services you add are tied to your Gwapit account you can easily switch between different devices.

First things first: We will never sell user data. Gwapit is currently in beta and raised enough money to sustain its development. Once the app is released, we will maintain a free version for personal use and offer an advanced service for corporate customers under a subscription model.



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